The foundational consciousness that determines how we treat our lovers is often the same algorithm for how we treat the earth; we must evolve ourselves
first as a necessary precursor for elevating the souls and the systems around us. This is a subtle love letter from one human to another on the subject of sex,
earth, survival, and democracy.

Structured in a ceremonial template based on the Native American medicine wheel, this Taoist and Tantric poem suggests that the ecological, psychological,
and biological solution to the next wave of human consciousness lies in the art of being not defensive nor defenseless, but rather Undefended—meaning that
before we can speak or stand for truth, we must first be brave enough to receive the truth. Beyond attack and victimization is true receivership: a skill of grace
that requires one to be willing, open, and highly receptive to feedback, experiential pain, and even heartbreak—all from a place that lacks defense and is
motivated by a dedicated desire to “gnow”* and to grow.

While rescuing an injured owl when she was young, our narrator was told by an elder that she “must be willing to take the talon cut”—meaning that in order to
be of service to any scared animal, she must first be willing to get vulnerable and fearless herself so that the animal did not sense that fear and attack back. She
must be willing to risk something, or rather everything, in the exchange. She must be exposed and willing to be totally seen. He believed that no deep
connection could be made to what is wild (animal, person, or planet) without humbling oneself with pure intention and embodying what he called a “raw
heart”. This sentiment applies not only to our symbiotic relationship to nature, but also to the delicate dance between lovers. We must be willing to be our
whole, flawed, and vulnerable selves in order to earn the payoff of being “truly” seen and deeply connected to one another and the wild within.

Combining contemporary dance with footage from animal rescue work and global healing ceremonies, this visceral portrait of love and nature reveals one
woman’s attempt to remain in awe and in gentle relationship with even the smallest forms of life on the planet. Hidden in the narration—which is pulled from
actual text messages between epistolary lovers—is a quiet love letter to not only the man she loves, but also to the Earth herself.

This film is an abstract companion piece to a larger body of work entitled “The Tao of Truth” which includes a book, documentary film, and experiential
workshop led by Mickaela Grace that helps participants explore the inner landscape of their personal relationship to corporate and personal transparency,
intimacy, and global responsibility.


  • THIS CEREMONY HAS BEEN BROUGHT TO A CLOSE so video links are no longer live. This film was screened at festivals in 2016 and was online in it’s
    entirety for one year and 4 seasons of the medicine wheel. Because this style of work is “living ceremony”, the Podeos are deactivated when the
    medicine is complete.
  • Only some podeos (poetry videos) remain active on the Bridge11 YouTube Channel. To see this full film in ceremonial order following the 7 chapters of
    the medicine wheel—or to see it performed at a mixed media event with live dancing, singing, and performance poetry—please contact the filmmaker
    directly from our CONTACT PAGE.

*Gnow: Derived from the word “Gnosis”, which means to seek higher knowledge of spiritual truth;

to follow one’s own insight and intuition in order to truly know thyself.