2. 16a - bottle offered back1. moutain

I am parented by this mountain.
Feeding her in the quiet way that she feeds me.
A halcyon bottle, offered back, to the indigent wild.
In this eon when economists hold more power than poets.
And the Earth belches an end to the reign of They.
There is no sadder a war than the one no one fights;
No sadder a slave than the one who adorns in chain.

4. deer sing 3 good3. feed bottle good

‘I’m on front street,’ says the con man.
Breaking Buddhas in the rain.
I used to be conceited. But now I’m perfect.
Says his stolen tongue to his inward age.
You are an ice bridge to the breaking of glaciers.
A participating methane, an avoidant garroter,
el verdugo del mar.
Like the glove that masters hand,
We have made Pompeii ash
out of the white of when.
Split between who we are becoming
and who we have been.

6. portal 25. earth belches end

Her ninja yoga barren and rabid
Our naïve yessing,
the touretted ticking bomb of warrantied claim.
Against the incursion
of this pickled and armored drought.
To begin again,
toggling on,
like plankton.
While the sun implodes shale
upon sleeping anchors.
And our waters ignite
to sapphire gas.

8 love relieves me7. portal 4

In each of us is a Buddhist
who smashes Buddhas when he’s mad.
In each of us is a Christian
who sins just to know God.
In each of us is a tiny thing
praying to the bigger thing when weak.
Because none of us wants to be
a small bug in charge of her own seed.

10.. burning heads 29.snowden

His melon head was pulped and his power long.
And no one likes a whiner, so he ruled them.
The pussys will riot, the snows will fall,
And the guilt for Assange never assuaged.
We exile our truthtellers
when our bodies are not ready for their corn—
Until the banks where we don’t allow art
dry to thick crust.

12. fallen11. dying deer 8 good light

Death thinks little of you.
And democracy even littler.
Until you Osiris the shit out of your life
with the check of a box.
And never again,
the theft of a hanging chad.
In all faith, wisdom,
In all religion, flaws.
Get your shit together
before the crows take you home.

Tethered to consumership over stewardship,
We are domesticated hybrids of wild.
To know them for herself, the wolf gets close to all fires.
She was all burst. All lightening. All cliff.

alt13. sapphire gas13 fulni

I loved you for all the reasons I hadn’t come to know you yet.
And wanted to keep loving you so that I could find the why.
I wanted to run through the wheat of your waiting,
And feel the fur on the fins of your fawns.
I want to know you all, and you me,
Until the time of particles and dust.

I have tasted you and pulled your hair
and stopped wide upon your shores.
And then I left you. And flew hard east.
And then loved you separately, and from abroad.
Like a gnostic coiled deep inside a nautilus,
There are parts of us that gnow this Truth.
And thereby Life.

To see the good there, you must first see it here.
Grow up your views with me. And then leave them all be.
I decided and so I became.

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