2. Eldon 221. 10,000 waters 2

I borrow Her waters
to lubricate your join,
And these rivers within me,
only loaned,
will return to all tides
under bridge.

5. brave 13. always hedging

10,000 hands made your road;
10,000 waters pay your toll.
Though you have ice
in your veins
for my delicacy,
All that I still am,
I give to you.

7. heart 116. water to knees

And so I let you take me,
again and again.
I am yours
and not yours.
You are mine,
and yet never still.

9. heart 158. undefended 2

He is my brave coward.
The man who stands
at the midline
with water to his knees.
In wading
and always hedging.
Never fully under
and never fully in.

…and so we are…

…each of us…

…a brave coward…

until we are not.