2. dove release 19 good1. doves

The denizens of nature must make you their eyes.
And you must make Her your every-day yes.

To my young, know this, from my ribs and my range,
From my atriums to my arms, I deplore you:

It is not a drone nor a gun nor a willing fist
that secures safety in this world;
It is awe and undefendedness.
It is to be in awe and utterly undefended.
It is absolute mother-fucking awe and undefendedness.
I will just keep saying it, my beloved, until you get the picture.

4. heids 123.heids 10

Lay down your arms and the wild remembers.
Feed only sweetness and the hum will find you,
For in your naked truth and trembling, the winged come.
From the honey of your thighs, all seasons forth.
Your vulnerable south, an ancient migratory path,
First undefendeness. Then sovereignty in nation and being.

Trust the world as being better for you having been in it.
And then earn back her trust with your chocolate kuya.
Make her your canvas and be naked upon her shores.
Under electric bridges and with shy Dans, preferably.

6. heids run - art5.rocking chair

And remember, again, to give the world only your undefendedness.
And know that I love you in ways that are far beyond knowing.
And that I am undefended in this very true loving of you—
And I am here even when I am not,
as particle dust and refracted Light
And a simple stop along your brilliant shores.

Be better than me
 and be bigger than me
  and be brave.
I first, and you too.
And then,
 for the love of fuck,
  you better register to vote.

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